Electrical Activities

Designing and drafting of electrical installation systems for both industrial, commercial and residential buildings. - Electrical installation for Industrial, commercial and residential buildings - Testing and commissioning of electrical installations - Power line construction and cabling - Servicing and installation of electrical switchgears - Servicing, installation and commissioning of electric generators and motors - Analysing energy usage in plants, power distribution points and substations. - Installation of power factor correcting equipment and safety devices to protect electrical machines and appliances. - Installation of industrial machinery - Installation of industrial automation systems - Servicing and repair of industrial automation systems. - Rehabilitation and modification of defective/ existing installations. - Installation, servicing and repair of air conditioning systems. - Installation and fault diagnosis for street lights and traffic lighting system.

Plumbing and Sanitary activities

- Repair and maintaining of plumbing systems in residential, Commercial, Industrial or Public buildings - Install and Service plumbing systems, Fixtures and piping equipment

Supply Activities

 Stationary and other office materials and equipment supplies
– Supply of t-shirts to different clients
– Supply of Solar Energy
– Supply of Cleaning materials
– Supply of Building materials, hardware and machinery supplies
– Services and Maintenance of ICT and supplies
– Hospital equipment
– Supply of hotel and kitchen equipment

Civil Works Contractor

- Excavation and backfilling, - Construction and maintenance of residential, commercial and office building
- To install elements such as conduits, duct banks, access shafts, connection boxes, jointing chambers, pads, etc. - Construction and maintenance of water supply arrangements - Maintenance of sewage/drainage systems - Maintenance of roads - Drilling mining

Security Activities

To carry on business of security guards, watchmen, dog handlers and escorts by supplying day and night protection to individual, factories, properties, and assets, whether in transit or in station. to carry on business as the dealers and distributors of security equipment’s and systems, siren, fire alarms, fire gutting equipment, fire extinguishers and apparatus, safes, locks, wireless telephones, electric wave television, radar, electronic rays and other electrical equipment, signal rockets, guns, firearms, ammunition, explosives, steel helmets, bullet proof vests, gates, burglar bars, fencing and all other matters necessary in connection with such business.